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Jul 10, 2013 06:44 PM

Bar/Restaurant for apps near Pier 26 - Hudson River Park

My boyfriend and I will be going to a concert at the end of the month at Pier 26 near Hudson River park. We will be meeting another couple for drinks and apps before the show. Can anyone suggest a good place to go near there? We will be dressed casual.

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  1. North End Grill would be a good choice. Blue Smoke could work well also. These are not quite at Pier 26 but a walk downtown along the river for about 10 blocks.
    If you walk further into Tribeca , Tribeca Canvas is good for apps and drinks, Giorgione has apps and is near Pier 26.
    A few blocks downtown on Greenwich St, you have Terroir wine bar, has lots of apps. Tribeca Grill has a big bar and apps.