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Jul 10, 2013 06:36 PM

Parma by Chef Marc?

Heading to Vegas for a job interview next weekend. Most of the agenda is planned out but I have room for one more dinner. Have a car and have been to most of the strip (and many off strip) spots. Was thinking Chada Thai, but came upon Parma and it seems promising for a sort of 'locals only' spot.

Other plans include DW Bistro, Fat Choy, Marche Bacchus, Dom DeMarco's (brunch).

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  1. As much as it saddens me to say this, I would recommend that your take Marche Bacchus off your list. We thought they had turned a corner and their service and quality was returning to what it once had been. Our last visit, will be our last. Very average food and poor service. I won't be fooled again......

    Parma by Chef Marc - I haven't dined in his new location but was always pleased in his old restaurant on Rancho. We even sponsored a few company dinners there and everyone was surprised at the value (quality for the price) and the wine list was quite nice.

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      Somewhere else good for charcuterie, cold foie prep, etc?

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        Comme Ca is a good choice. Some on the board have had less than stellar service, the times we have dined there the service has been very good.

    2. uhockey, any don't miss restaurants from your travels? I have followed your blog over the years, and we will be in LV next week. Thanks for any tips/advice.

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        I really enjoyed Parma - very "red sauce" and delicious with a sort of homey small town feel. The gnocchi speck was excellent, as was the baba au rhum.

        Had a great brunch at both Dom DeMarco's and DW Bistro and really enjoyed the scenery and charcuterie at Marche Bacchus.

        Fat Choy was a steal for the quality of the food and although Pub1842 was only okay, the peach dessert was excellent.

        As to my best bite in Vegas - the Salted Caramel Twist Doughnut at Pink Box.

        As I'll be relocating to Sin City in November, expect much more to come.

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          Wow, thanks for such a quick reply. I really value your taste and advice.

          All the best to you as you transition to a new job and relocation!