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Jul 10, 2013 05:39 PM

Piedmont Itinerary Help

We will be in the Piedmont staying near Monferrato in the first week of August (myself, my husband and our two foodie children).

There is a glut of information on the boards and this is our first visit to the region. I'm trying to narrow down our choices based on where will be each day. We are planning to do a bigger lunch and a light dinner based on the driving between areas. Would love 'hounds input on our proposed five day itinerary:

Day One - settle in; dinner around Monferatto - Osteria L'Ermite in nearby Castell'Alfero?
Day Two - Torino - breakfast/bicerin at Caffe Al Bicerin; lunch at Consorzio; go to Juventus stadium in the afternoon
Day Three - guided wine tour
Day Four - Alba- La Libera for lunch or worth driving to La Torre in Cherasco?
Day Five - Asti - Trattoria I Bologna or venture to Da Bardon in San Marzano Oliveta?

Also, any other ideas for light, tasty dinners near/on the way back to Monferrato?

Thank so much for making our trip yummy and manageable in terms of travel!

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  1. Have you checked to make sure these are open in August?

    With regard to La Libera vs. La Torre, both are excellent IMO. If you prefer a modern take on regional dishes, you might enjoy La Libera more. La Torre is more traditional done really well, in a traditional atmosphere. It is worth the trip to Cherasco, not just for the food but to see this unique and beautiful town. Either would be a fine choice.

    I Bologna was wonderful when we went there but it was 4 years ago and has since had mixed reviews on CH. Haven't been to Da Bardon.

    1. Highly recommend La Libera in Alba if you are looking for a somewhat more "upscale" twist on traditional Piedmont dishes - but make sure you have reservations.

      1. Should you visit Cherasco, which I recommend, be sure to stop by Pasticceria Barbero for a bag of their chocolate covered roast hazelnuts ("Baci di Cherasco"). Very tasty indeed.

        Osterai della Rosa Rossa in Cherasco is also very good.