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Jul 10, 2013 05:25 PM

restaurants en route from Los Angeles to Carmel

I'm going to be driving from Los Angeles to Carmel and am looking for a good restaurant to stop at along the way. Maybe Paso Robles. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Hoping for clean, healthy, farm to table type food. Thanks!

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  1. Last month, on our way back to L.A. from Carmel, we stopped for lunch at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach. Marisol is the name of their restaurant. I had an excellent burger. My sister loved her dish, which was fish tacos if I remember correctly. I highly recommend it.

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    1. Madonna Inn Copper Cafe has freshly prepared old school classics, south of San Luis Obispo.

      1. For a Paso lunch stop. I'd try either Artisan or Thomas Hill Organic.

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        1. Cambria (where I now live but I used to live in LA) is a very fun, sweet spot right on the way on Highway 1 - there are some excellent lunch spots, especially Robin's on Burton, which offers lots of local produce in an Asian/California fusion style with a pretty room and patio. Also have to recommend Sebastian's just up the road in San Simeon, although they are always very crowded and you need lots of time for that stop. But the food is excellent - very simple sandwiches, salads with top notch ingredients & generous portions. In Morro Bay, the local favorite is Taco Temple, with again, very large portions of locally sourced seafood & veggies, done with simplicity and excellence. This whole area is a bit on the undiscovered side, with over 25 miles of undeveloped coastline, seals and zebras from the Heart Castle. Great views!