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Jul 10, 2013 04:43 PM

2 Great meals in Lawrenceville

These may be the only good places but I found them last weekend and both were really wonderful:
Local Republic: apparently very well known (crowded with a half hour wait), thoughtful but limited wine list, lots of craft beer options, great Cuban sandwich, love the very spicy low country shrimp, nice, not too spicy gumbo.
Very casual/ eat inside or out.

Georgia Pines: In the Shoppes at Web Gin, looks much more upscale but still pretty casual. I loved the creative gin and rye cocktail, more wine and craft beers. The bowl of clams with sausage in an ale broth was the best thing I ate all weekend although they could do better with the bread they serve with it. Love the "pickled things" plate--all house made.
Great okra and onions side. nice split pea soup.
Loved the mixed berry cobbler, too.

Both places seemed very fresh and current.
Two very pleasant surprises!

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  1. We went back to The Georgia Pine about 2 weeks later and had a very different experience.
    The waiter was not very knowledgeable and kind of "blew off" my questions.
    The crab cake was so so salty (and barely warm) as to be inedible. My husband loved the honey pork sandwich. The brussels sprouts were tasty but not properly trimmed--not trimmed at all--you could see the dark surface where they had been separated from the stalk.
    We were really disappointed!