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Jul 10, 2013 04:14 PM

Local house made Kimchi?

I am looking for non pasteurized Kimchi that I can take home. I live near Cerritos and was hoping that some knew of a local grocery store that might have this.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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  1. Check with:

    Seoul Do Soon Yi Kimchi Company
    9972 Garden Grove Blvd
    Garden Grove, CA 92844
    (714) 638-5424

    1. Han Sung Kimchi by Knott's is the closest to Cerritos, and is on par with anything from Ktown. The selection runs pretty wide as well. And they speak English. Shocking, I know.

      I'm unaware of any of the local kimchi shops pasteurizing their kimchi.

      1. ozbuc, have you tried these markets in Cerritos and surrounding areas? I can no longer eat high sodium foods so not sure if they're still as good.
        -Woori Market, Cerritos (in case you like sashimi salad bowl, I think this is the best place though never had problems when I've bought from H Mart
        -H Mart, Norwalk
        -Zion Market, Hawaiian Gardens (down the road is Taco San Pedro if u like carne asada tacos or burritos to go with ur kimchi, not as good as the former location though)
        -Super 1 Mart, La Palma (used to be Hannam, to the left is Jangmo Jip for sullungtang and mandoo; Jongro Kimbap for spicy ramen and Kimbap; all the way to the right of market is Hwang So Go Jip for $10 AYCE KBBQ--never tried it cause these AYCE KBBQs exclude single diners boo hoo; at the corner is La Capilla Mexican Restaurant where reporters saw Christopher Dornan's mom during the shoot out--I never liked the Americanized Mexican food.

        When I was able to eat lots of kimchee, I used to buy from Han Sung Kim Chi Food Market to the right of the Buena Park Post Office, West of Knotts on La Palma Ave. I liked their cucumbers too but used to let marinate for a few days if they were just made that day. They have big jars so good for sharing with friends.

        Sorry, I know you only asked about Kimchi but thought I'd add other info in case u might be interested in them.

        Garden Grove and Buena Park (Beach Blvd around Rosecrans are also good Korean areas in case you want to go that far. Cocohodo in Buena Park has the walnut/red bean round pastries (caution because they're freshly made, the filling is hot.

        Sorry, I need to take care of MIL, no time to include links. Maybe others like servorg can do it for me or you can just look them up. TIA...

        1. There is a tiny place in koreatown that only makes kimchi. Its close to olympic and western (I believe its on St. Andrews Place) and i think its called Kae Sung Market. They have a good selection of different kimchis and they are really good.Check it out.

          1. Thanks for the replies. I will check some of these places out.