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Jul 10, 2013 04:03 PM

Where for late lunch before Bar Habor?

We are traveling from New Jersey to Bar Harbor. I would like to stop "somewhere" along the way in Maine..before Portland for a late lunch. We are staying in Kennybunkport for a few days on the way I don't want to stop there. Can you make a suggestion that is along the way for a lobster roll or sandwich? Thanks.

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  1. That's "Bah Habah".

    Bob's Clam Shack in Kittery might do the trick. It's in the middle of the outlet malls, but they do a nice lobstah roll.

    1. Yesterday we visited Bite Into Maine food truck at Fort Williams Park on Cape Elizabeth. It would be a bit out of your way but a pretty drive and it would be a nice break from your long drive. (15 minutes south of downtown Old Port area of Portland ME). The park is free and there's parking near the food truck (12-4, I think). There's lots of picnic tables scattered around but we took our bag chairs to a shady place with a view of Casco Bay. They serve 6 different kinds of lobster rolls and not much else. My husband got a bag of chips. I really liked the cucumber, blueberry and corn salad (with cilantro). The Portland bottled fair trade root beer was great. The lobster was very fresh, very tender but seemed to lack flavor, though. People have raved about these lobster rolls but they seemed to need a little salt.

      If you want inside dining and a varied menu, we like Mike's Clam Shack on Rt 1 in Wells. No view but a good family place. The traffic is usually as bad as the outlet mall area but yesterday (7/13) was surprisingly not busy. (We stopped in the Wells area for something else.)

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        We were thinking of stopping in Portland on the way back from Bar Harbor to Kennebunkport. I would like to try the Bite Into Maine truck there but now you say they lack salt..more confusion! How about Nedricks in York? near the Nubble that a good place? I would hate to stop near a mall..trying to get away from all of that. Thanks for your replies.

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          Other Chowhounds say the Bite Into Maine lobster roll is the best. The park is beautiful, 90 acres with a gorgeous view of Casco Bay. They serve 6 different kinds of lobster rolls and maybe they expected people to add salt. But, the lobster was about the most tender we've ever had.

          Haven't been to York in ages.
          I thought the food truck in Bath had a great crabmeat roll if you need something else on your list for the trip back!

      2. Believe me, you are going to be so burnt out by the time you go over the bridge to Maine, Bob's Clam Hut will be perfectly fine.
        You still will have another four hours of driving before you reach Bar Harbor. Another idea would be to stop in Portsmouth NH, just before you cross into Maine, and eat on the deck at Martingale Wharf. Beautiful water view: