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Jul 10, 2013 03:59 PM

Yet another tipping question

I spent last night in one of those clean, respectable chain hotels that offers decent value and a complimentary breakfast. No one will ever mistake it for gourmet cuisine (oh, the sack for scrambled "eggs" going round in the microwave) but there's actual food in a pleasant surround.

There was a pleasant, hard-working young lady, bustling about, microwaving those eggs, topping up the coffee carafes, foraging for hot sauce, arranging apples and bananas in a bowl, wiping down the tables between guests. And it occurred to me that while I always leave money for the person who cleans my room, I don't tip the breakfast room lady. Nor have I ever seen anything, like a tip jar, that suggests other people do. Yet she's working hard to make my morning much more bearable.

So. Any thoughts? Does anyone tip in this circumstance? How?

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  1. I tip in that situation, a few dollars handed directly to the person.

    1. I do too. Anybody that makes my morning more bearable deserves it.

      1. I've always tipped 'em... Leave it on the table with the dirty dishes and in many hotels, the tips get pooled and shared by the kitchen staff.

        1. yep always hand the her/him the money- dont leave it on the gets taken by the busperson or worse someone who passes by!

          1. There's a place we stay frequently on the beach in Cambria with a complimentary breakfast room. Aside from the scrambled "eggs" (which are tolerable) most of the fare is pretty decent, and the staff stays busy keeping things cleaned up and the items replenished. The tipping question has been met very straightforwardly by the addition of a tip jar set on the coffee/juice counter. I think some folks figure that if you bus your own table, as required here, then no tip should be expected, but those kids work hard and never let the food run out until the 10 AM cutoff.