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Jul 10, 2013 03:21 PM

Help me find the restaurant I'm looking for!

Husband and I are coming to NYC in September for our first wedding anniversary, and are looking for somewhere to have a special meal.

Budget up to $100 per head (although less would be great) & looking for classic / American cuisine rather than ethnic.

I have an image in my head of what it would be like: somewhere dimly lit & ultra modern...for some reason I imagine it to be in a hotel or skyscraper...not your traditional white tablecloth kind of place. A kind of modern cocktail bar ambience if that makes sense.

It doesn't need to be the "best" food. I know that might sound a bit strange given it's a special occasion, but coming from a provincial UK town, we'll probably be easily pleased with something a real foodie might not be. It's more about the experience of having a glamourous night out.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Is that $100pp exclusive of tax and tip? What about wine and drinks? All these will significantly eat into your budget.

    $100pp total, is only about $77pp when you factor in tax and tip. Then when you factor in two cocktails at $13 each or a $40 bottle of wine, you're not left with much to spend on food, especially for a special occasion.

    Atmosphere wise, if it is $100pp for food only, something like The Modern? The restaurant overlooks the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art.

    Also consider Lincoln:

    See also:

    1. Yes up to $100 per head for food.

      1. For whatever reason, Mercer Kitchen came immediately to mind.

        1. If you are okay with the cost I completely agree with Kathryn;s suggestion of The Modern Dining Room,

          1. New place on 14th Street, Manon. Had dinner there last night and it is very dark, well-designed, glamorous and food was surprisingly good for a clubby MePa place