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Jul 10, 2013 02:08 PM

Reykjavik: fish/local faves/fine dining/street food/markets?

Thanks to everyone for the info I find in the Chowhounds archives. Im traveling to Reykjavik in late Summer. I am curious for recommendations:

-We are pescetarian. Any fish restaurants to note?

- We love "local" favorites. We're staying near Hallgrímskirkja. Any style, any price, any meal.

- I'd love to know the hot fine dining destination that I can still get a reservation at. Its Summer 2013, who's on the board?

- Street food other than the hot dog?

- We are staying at an apartment and will have our own kitchen for some meals. Looking for recos on local markets and perhaps farmers markets near Hallgrímskirkja.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. For wonderful fish and lobster soup, go to the Sea Baron on the marina nearish to the Icelandair hotel. The sign just says "Lobster Soup". It looks a bit questionable and is very casual but so good that I went twice during a 5 day visit. Scheherazade had surprisingly good Indian food. We skipped hot dogs but did get soft serve ice cream from stands in the various squares and it was easily the best I've had. Enjoy our trip!

    1. Fish is on virtually every decent restaurant menu in Reykjavik. Einar Ben does a fine job with fish. Other names elude me at the moment, especially since my memories are almost 3 years old. The restaurant scene has no doubt changed a bit.

      I have to be honest. The most stunning food I ate in Iceland was meat-based. I ate some lovely fish and seafood throughout the country. The preparations were simple, clean and so fresh! But ... I was more blown away by the lamb, not to mention the wild array of animalia that was offered on menus (see some of the other Iceland threads for details). Do, however, try the langoustines, herring preparations, fish cheeks and jowls, cod, haddock and any other fish being pulled fresh from the sea. Even those tiny shrimp that are bought frozen in bags are delicious. If you are going anywhere in Iceland with lakes, be sure to sample fresh trout or their cured/smoked trout.

      When I was there in 2010, there wasn't really any street food beyond the hot dog.

      Produce is generally either grown in hothouses or imported, so not sure about the farmer's markets. I was certainly not blown away by what I saw in the grocery stores. As well, vegetable sides to mains tend to be pretty simple. You may encounter fresh bilberries. I think they peak in September, but you might get lucky.

      1. Islenski Barinn down by the City Center is our favorite place. It's mostly locals, very casual, has a bar with decent beer selection and really really good homecooked food of a huge variety. This is where we tried hakarl finally, after eating several other fantastic meals there.