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Jul 10, 2013 01:49 PM

Restaurants recs.- South Shore of Long Island

I am looking for a spot on the South Shore (anywhere between Wantagh and Bayport) for a birthday lunch. I was planning on Tallulah's, a place that I have wanted to try for years, but it seems that it's closed for renovation. Two other spots sound appealing, Tula Kitchen in Bay Shore and the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport. I was also considering Fat Fish but read some negative comments on Zagat. Has anyone tried these restaurants or have recommendations for any other nice lunch spots?
My niece, the birthday girl, is super sushi, nothing spicy, etc.

ETA: Anybody know when Tallulah's is set to re-open?

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  1. Yah, Tullulah's has been renovating for a LONG time now... hope they actually reopen.

    I've eaten at Tula Kitchen a bunch of times, lunch and dinner, and have always enjoyed the food there. Be aware that they don't serve lunch on weekends, and are closed on Mondays. I presume you've seen the menu?

    Have you looked at any of the Amityville places? I've posted about Cornucopia's before:

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      Thanks, Scott! Tullulah’s Facebook page has not been updated since May…the last post said they were growing herbs…but no replies to any follower questions about opening.

      I do recall you mentioning Cornucopia but I thought it was just a breakfast bar. The menu looks good to me so I’m going to e-mail it and Tula’s menu to my niece, and let her pick.
      Thanks again!

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        Speak of the devil... note from Tullulah's FB page:
        "Hey there. So the fire marshall stopped by for a visit and gave us the green light to open!!! We will post our opening date shortly so stay tuned......"

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          Hah! I was just about to post that for you. Great bellies...

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              Gosh, did I really forget to post that??? Had it in the back of my head that I'd done so.

      2. I haven't been to fatfish in over a year, but frequently had excellent lunches there on the bay side patio with MIL til she moved. I really liked it.

        The Lake House in Brightwaters or Bay Shore is a winner for the super fussy.

        Also, the old mainstay for French in Bayport, Le Soir, or Cafe Joelle in Sayville.

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          Thanks for the recommendations, mcf:) Unfortunately, the Lake House and Le Soir are not open for lunch, but I have sent my niece the Café Joelle and Fat Fish menus. We will see what she picks, but my money is on Café Joelle as that menu has many of her favorite dishes. Thanks again!

          1. re: EM23

            I hope you have an enjoyable time together, wherever you go!