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Jul 10, 2013 01:45 PM

Ramadan has started, Where's good Iftar in Bay Area?

Ramadan has started, Where's good Iftar in Bay Area?

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  1. Oasis in Oakland draws a crowd. They keep later hours as well.

    1. Also on the subject of Ramadan:

      Any pointers to atayef similar to the style Melanie found four years ago:

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        Ok, so I made a couple calls. First I called Taj Pizza in SF, thinking that a calzone maker might know how to make a filled pancake. The man on the phone was very nice saying that his place didn't make them but to call Palmyra owned by his family members. Then I called Palmyra. The owner said they don't make atayef but invited me to come for the kunefe. I interjected that I am not muslim myself but I like atayef. He chuckled and said that food is international. He explained that atayef are not easy to make but they might make them in the future with more notice. So someone needs to calendar a reminder to call Palmyra a month or two before Ramadan next year and prod them along this path. I asked if there might be anywhere else that makes them. He said that he didn't know but that Old Jerusalem in the Mission might be a good place to check.

        Someone else can carry the ball from here . . .

        Here's an older thread with a few leads,

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          Speaking of food crossing religious lines, I found this recipe for atayef on page 14 of the newsletter of a Jewish temple in Illinois. It calls them Syrian Filled Chanukah Pancakes.

          Maybe we have another shot at them this year. :)

        2. So happy to see your name here again!

          There's a Ramadan Iftar at the Arabic Cultural Center on July 18

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              I'm out of town or I'd be there. Hope we get a report from someone.

              A few years ago when I took an interest in iftar, I called a few places and the typical answer was that they'd serve the regular menu but would have dates and lentil soup at the ready for a fast and immediate bite. What are traditional foods from the various countries that we should be seeking out?

          1. The South Bay Islamic Association is hosting a community iftar each Saturday during Ramadan.

            SBIA Downtown Center
            325 N. 3rd St
            San Jose, CA 95112
            P:(408) 947-9389