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Jul 10, 2013 12:57 PM

Upscale restaurants with great bread

I'm starting to think of a place to take my boyfriend for his birthday. He loves bread and while I've been to many of the top restaurants in the city, I'm blanking on where I've had fantastic bread besides Bouley. The last place I went to where I was impressed by the bread was Craft. Suggestions? Open to area.

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  1. Best restaurant bread:

    Best bread baskets in NYC:

    Have you visited Scarpetta already?

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      1. re: kathryn

        Scarpetta is one place I haven't been yet! Sounds like a serious contender.

      2. The bread at Soflglia comes out hot every time I've been there. They cut the loaves right behind the bar area. A few times it came out steaming when they brought it to my table and I was so hungry I just scarfed it down and almost burned my tongue :-) Simply delicious. They always give a hearty helping with some tasty olive oil and I always finish it.

        1. Bouley, love the man that runs the bread cart as well.

          1. I'll second Scarpetta.

            I've always enjoyed the bread basket at Strip House, even though it's dated (the mini Eli's style raisin roll, the everything seeded crackers). Might be the whipped butter with it.

            Edi and the Wolfe had really good bread when they first opened, not sure about now.