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Jul 10, 2013 12:33 PM

Bourdain in Detroit: Coneys at Duley’s. Oxtail at Full Belly’s. BBQ at Vickies.

He tweeted "Two Coneys for Bkfst at Duley’s. oxtail at Full Belly’s. BBQ at Vickies." Any thoughts on his choices?

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  1. Never been to any of them. I guess I'm at least a tiny bit curious about the latter two, but a coney place? Meh. Don't know about it, don't care about it.

    1. No experience with any of these establishments ...

      1. I'm gathering that the point of the visit was to gawk at how beleaguered Detroit is. None of the places are significant food spots. This story is probably what brought the show's attention to Full Belly Cafe---

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        1. re: VTB

          On his recent Koreatown show he did spend some time discussing the 1992 LA riots. I wonder if viewers will be given a history lesson about 1967 Detroit.

          1. re: dearborn barkis

            Yeah...I suppose that, since viewers can't taste the food, the historical knowledge is more filling than the eats.

          2. re: VTB

            God, I hope he doesn't do that "beleaguered Detroit" thing. Sick to death of it. I realize the truth of it but it doesn't help to do the "poor poor pitiful Detroit thing" ad nauseam.

            AB, go to Midtown and show the construction and the full apartment change the conversation a little bit

          3. Duly's (misspelled by Bourdain) is worth a visit. It's one of the classic coney places, not as old as the two downtown but unchanged for many decades. You can see why it would attract a TV personality—it has a look all its own. That said, coneys for breakfast? It's at Vernor and Clark in Detroit.

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              Hey Jim I been eating at Duly's for 50 years they be at the corner of W. Vernor and Junction looking across at Holy Redeemer. This classic place has been there since 1921 and never closes has classic breakfast, coffee and coney's. Really a super place to people watch. Here's a map link ENJOY


              1. re: ALPOE

                Yup! Vernor and Junction. My mistake.

            2. I had a coney with everything at Duly's for lunch today. The ancient decor had ample character, but the dog had a casing that was limp--no cracking snap at all.

              I attempted to stop at Vicki's afterwards for BBQ, but it was dark and grated closed. The hours on the door indicated it should have opened 20 minutes earlier at noon. The building immediately next door, sharing a wall with the restaurant, was burnt out as were others on that stretch of Warren.