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Jul 10, 2013 11:38 AM

kosher caterers for bat mitzvah

looking for recommendations for kosher caterers in Queens and Long Island for a bat mitzvah. Also interested if anyone has been to any parties at Hollis Hills Jewish Center. Thank you.

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  1. I've been to at least four or five bar and bat mitzvahs there. Do you have any specific questions?

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    1. re: queenscook

      is the place nice and is the food good there?

      1. re: whli

        "Nice," of course, is highly subjective. The place is mainly one large room, with the entry area used as the "shmorg"/bar area. The food was fine, but I wonder if there is only one caterer that is associated with the place. Different caterers would certainly do different things, and supply food of various quality. I have been to a number places more than once, with different food, because of different caterers (Crest Hollow very specifically comes to mind.)

        One set of friends used the place at least three or four times, but their smachot were, of necessity, low-end because of the number of children they are raising, including ones they took in after a tragedy. If you are looking for a big, fancy-shmancy place, look elsewhere. If you are looking for low-key, affordable, this may be something to look into.

        I happen to be one who does not feel bar and bat mitzvahs should rival weddings, so this place was nice for what it was, but it's definitely low-end.

        1. re: queenscook

          Thanks. The place was recommended to me but I have never been to anything there. The exclusive caterer there is Prestige- Peter Weiss.

    2. I have been to a number of events run by Lederman caterers. The food is always superb and they are on LI. They do alot of catering off-site, as well

      1. Is the food good at Hollis Hills? and is the place nice?

        1. Has anyone been to any affairs catered by Dear and Delicious- Chaim Kay?

          1. I had my wedding at Hollis Hills, but at the time, Prestige, which was started originally there (the father, now I think Prestige is run by the son) was still there, but at a much more reasonable rate than most other places. The hall is smaller, which was good for me because I had only 150 people, and i didnt want a divider cutting a room in half.