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Jul 10, 2013 11:12 AM

Name Your Picks for L.A.'s Most Gorgeous Restaurants

Food notwithstanding.

Just stunning locale, design & interiors.

The inspiration for this thread came from my trip to Nobu Malibu... Absolutely beautiful at sunset.

As for the food? Well, let's just say I made an immediate reservation at the private room in the Matsuhisa flagship on La Cienega right afterwards.

Any candidates in your book? Again, food is not the main consideration.

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  1. Patios are very important to me-especially in summer. So one of my picks would be Cliffs Edge-I've had brunch and dinner on the patio and it's lovely. I also had NYE dinner there, and they tent it with heat lamps, and no one was the slightest bit chilly.

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      I agree about patios - so if food doesn't matter, one of my top choices would be The Little Door. That may be partly nostalgia from many, many glasses of wine there in the early noughties, but I still think it's one of the loveliest spots in LA.

    2. Nothing can top the Bel Air Hotel.

      1. 100% agree with Nobu Malibu. Ocean, Sunset, Patio and Design. Nothing else comes close.

        I do love the rustic charm of Saddle Peak Lodge.
        RockSugar in Century City for it's Hollywood over the top set design feel,
        and can I add the Blue Bayou and it's fake fireflies at Disneyland?

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          Good call on Saddle Peak Lodge. Dining by the fireplace is pretty special as is the drive there and return - two separate routes.

          The restaurant at the Getty Center has high ceilings, excellent table spacing and floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides. The views are quite good.

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            Thanks for reminding me about the RockSugar decor. Definitely over-the-top in a good way.

          2. Haven't been to the Hotel Bel-Air since Puck took over, but I am assuming it would qualify.

            1. Hotel Bel Air
              Chateau Marmont
              Ivy - patio

              Food aside:

              La Boheme