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Jul 10, 2013 11:09 AM

Three days in New Orleans, so much I feel like I am missing!

I am heading to New Orleans with my wife at the end of July and we are struggling with what restaurants we get to try. I have lurked these boards for a while and put together this tentative list. Am I missing anything that is must go to? Anything you would skip? We only have 3.5 days sadly so we are trying to cram a lot in...

Dante's Kitchen

Court of Two Sisters
Cochon Butcher

Three Muses
Green Goddess

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  1. I would substitute a lunch at Commander's Palace for the lunch at Court of Two Sisters.

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    1. You're going to get a lot of folks questioning Court of Two Sisters and it may well be the "give a dog a bad name" case. As I remarked before I last went there for a wedding reception and that was in the 1990s. that was fine (as receptions go). But I'd rather spend the money at my usual hangouts or maybe jump on something new.

      I would add the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt. lots of folks will tout the Carousel in The Montelone.

      Cochon seems to divide people like a Civil War. I have no complaints other than the space which I am not wild about. I note that his efforts to do the same thing in Lafayette ended a few months ago(allegedly to concentrate on a new shop in New Orleans. Make of that what you will.) He does seem to be doing a valuable service in swine breeding efforts.

      1. Sneak some drinks in at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. It's gorgeous; as well as the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone and Napoleon House. DBA over on Frenchman close to Three Muses is good too; fun bar and lots of great music.
        It's inevitable that you'll miss some things, but it just helps to get your list started for the next trip!

        1. I should have mentioned above that my wife requested Court of Two Sisters as she went there when she was younger and wants to see how it compares with her memories.

          We will definitely try to hit up Sazerac and Carousel as I suppose there is nothing wrong with drinking our way through New Orleans!

          Would Commander's Palace be a good substitute for Cochon?

          Thanks for the quick replies!

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            Best to leave Court of Two Sisters as a fond memory...don't spoil it with today's mediocre food reality. It's not awful, exactly...just ordinary.

            Cochon and Commander's Palace are two very different experiences. Cochon is casual, kinda loud, and focused on earthy cajun cooking: wooden chairs, bare floors, simple decor. Commander's is a more formal setting, in a rambling old building in the Garden District, with more focus on diners' comfort, a deep wine list, and more traditional service. Both are good, but different.

          2. I would switch Herbsaint and Galatoire’s and definitely wipe Court of Two Sisters off the list.

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              +1 Shanefinks suggestions. And I would also save Dante's for a weekend brunch although they do not take reservations. I would swap Dante's dinner for Boucherie, quite frankly, but both are good.

              3.5 days and only 3 bars, OP what are you thinking? LOL. (Oh, I see your revision above.)

              Consider adding French75 for elegant cocktails of apres dinner drinks and Napolean House for afternoon Pimm's cups. If you have a free morning take the "History of Drinking" Bike tour from the Marigny through the Quarter for some good drink/bar sampling and history!

              1. re: karendor

                3 bars is realistic if you go to each bar 3 times like we do!