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Jul 10, 2013 10:23 AM

Cookie cake recipe?

Does anyone have a cookie cake recipe that they have used that actually works well? I have seen many online and tried a few, but I would like one that yields a doughy texture (basically seems uncooked..)... not one that produces a dry blondie in a giant circle.


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  1. I make Fannie Farmer's Butterscotch Brownies , sometimes adding a large bar (100 g or so) of dark chocolate, roughly cut. Underbake slightly, till set on top but still squishy in the middle - sorry I can't be more precise.

    1. An apple stack cake is wonderful. Google for a recipe. Basically a cookie dough baked in cake tins and then stacked with apple mixture. Dried apples can be used but it is great with applebutter. Make a day or two before it is needed.

      1. I have used this recipe before to great success. I love that since it is leavened it actually rises. It's a true cookie-cake and not just giant cookie. I also love the texture to it, the cake element gives it a softness reminiscent of just out of the oven cookies.

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          OMG, yum!! That recipe just bought space in my bookmark bar. I have a family that doesn't like cakey-cake. It will be perfect for a birthday cake! Although everyone likes pie, it's just not the same for a birthday.

          Thanks for the share!

        2. I've been searching for this too and am very interested in what replies you get!

          I do like the Toll House pie, but that's definitely a pie, not a cake.