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Jul 10, 2013 09:59 AM


HII GUYS!!!!! I'm turning 21 next Tuesday so I wanted to find an awesome place for me and my friends to have dinner or lunch and a few drinks after and bars around to hop around to!!! I will be in Venice all afternoon and then roll over to Hollywood we are ALL 21+ somewhere nice and affordable if not then we wouldn't mind paying more but yeah I DON'T KNOW WHERE ANY GOOD SPOT are :-/ can you guys help a sister out!!! I'm just trying to have a GOOD NIGHT n' Stuff!! :-)

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  1. I hear the Phoenix on La Cienega (just north of Wishire in the old Lodge space) is an absolute blast and pretty reasonable. Not a lot of food choices though.

    Another option is Eveleigh on Sunset or Laurel Hardware just down the street.

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        I have heard that Phoenix is a blast. Very casual. All kinds of games. Pool, darts, shuffle board. Very limited menu. I also like Eveleigh a lot and there are a ton of post dinner bars/clubs on the block. By the way, Eveleigh has a retractable roof which is great on a nice summer night.

        1. You could start off with dinner at Magnolia or Mercantile or even Beso or Cleo (Clea?), then barhop at the trillion of bars/clubs along the Cahuenga corridor.