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Jul 10, 2013 09:43 AM

SOUTH Indian Food in Boston

I need to find some Southern Indian food for a VVIP Indian executive Who will be having a lunch meeting in our office tomorrow. Also, does anyone know of a restaurant that makes Curd Rice? I found a thread from 2007 but most of these restaurants were closed since then. Thanks. I'll be a hero if I can find good South Indian Food. Even thought of trying to make it myself. (LOL. probably get me fired)

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  1. Maybe Dosa Temple, but that's in Somerville..they do have curd rice, though..

    1. But if he's from southern India, maybe he'd want some pizza or fried clams to get some local flavor?

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        Dosa-n-Curry (Dosa Temple) has both pizza and curd rice

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          That's what I thought too, but he is traveling globally most of the time and it's hard to find a taste of home unless he's in a major metropolitan area with diverse culture and restaurants. And he's vegetarian.

        2. Yeah, if someone can pick it up/deliver the food Dosa N Curry (which is what Dosa Temple is now named) seems like your best bet.

          I've never had the curd rice, and I'm not South Indian myself, so I can't vouch for its authenticity, but they've got it.

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          1. Biryani Park in Malden and Dosa Temple. Neither is exclusively southern but they have many options. My vote would go to the former (no idea about curd rice but if you're ordering a fair amount, I bet they'd make it).

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              I was going to recommend Biryani Park as well. Their menu is at It does list Curd Rice under South Indian Specials.