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Jul 10, 2013 09:33 AM

More restaurant suggestions needed: Oakland and Castro area

Thanks to all who recently posted suggestions for my San Francisco trip. My husband and I actually made it here despite plane crashes, miss-behaving kids in summer programs, hurricanes at home and sick eldery parents. As you can see I need to make the most of this vacation. Dinner last night at AQ was wonderful. We had the tasting menu and they kindly substituted any meat options with fish.
Also meet up with my interning son at Facebook and enjoyed a lovely lunch in their cafeteria!
Specifically I now have a few more requests. Today we head to the ball game. It should end in time for dinner and we were looking for some place casual to eat. Our hotel is in the Union Square area so any place between the stadium and our hotel would be great. As we do not eat meat or poultry I was thinking maybe pizza?
Thursday we are going on a walking tour of the Castro area. Need a lunch suggestion for after.
Friday we are headed to Hodo Soy in Oakland for a tour. We will be taking public transportation from our hotel and would like a lunch suggestion somewhere in the Oakland area that we can get to via mass transit. Thanks again for all those who responded previously.

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  1. If you're going to be doing a walking tour of the Castro, you may as well walk right on over to the Mission for food. It's not a long walk, literally four or five blocks, and as a bonus you get to walk past Duboce Park. Nice views and such.

    1. How are you getting to/from Hodo?.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Not sure yet was going to ask the hotel concierge. We are at the Marriott on sutter in Union Square.

      2. Zero Zero's between <this space for lease> Park and their pizza is a good example of the contemporary local style (similar to Flour & Water, Delfina, many others). Their other food's good, too.

        Hodo Soy is a few blocks from the wonderful Fusebox. The immediate neighborhood's industrial but there's hardcore slum nearby, you should ask both those businesses for advice on which streets to take from the BART station.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Yes, unless ranh is completely comfortable in "hardcore slum" I'd suggest taking BART to MacArthur and taking a cab to Hodo Soy -- the peace of mind will be well worth the modest cab fare. Then, when you head back to MacArthur you can go a few extra blocks and hit either Pyung Chang Soft Tofu House (if you're not tofu-ed out) or Cafe Eritrea d'Afrique or one of the other Ethiopian restaurants on Telegraph, which are great for non-meat eaters, or Aunt Mary's Cafe.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            +1 on Ruth's suggestion. There are a number of good options for non-meat eaters in Temescal as she suggests; I'll add the Mixing Bowl and Burma Superstar to the list of options. And a stop at Temescal Alley to visit Doughnut Dolly for dessert.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              To me it would be nuts to be three blocks from Fusebox at lunchtime and not eat there. The food's a couple of orders of magnitude better than any other pescatarian-friendly place I can think of that's open for lunch in the MacArthur / Temescal area.


              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                It looks intriguing, I'm just not personally familiar with it.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  FuseBox is a gem and its location keeps it off the radar of tourists (and many locals). But since you're right there, you should check it out. It's small plates, so you can easily grab one or two small items and then head to Temescal for a meal.

                  Unless you're, as Ruth put it "tofu-ed out," you need to get FuseBox's "IN-House TOFU: Deep Fried w/Tare no Moto Dashi." If there's a better tofu dish in the Bay Area, I'm all ears.

                  1. re: hyperbowler

                    Ippuku has a couple of tofu dishes on the same level.

            2. Earlier this year I spent a fortnight in the Castro and my two favorite places to eat were Tartine Bakery for sandwiches and deserts and Kasa for spicy, "Americanized" Indian food.

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                  But easily walkable from the Castro Theater. I was just getting over a horrible respiratory virus and I walked there twice and was glad I did.

              1. For your Thursday lunch: Starbelly ( is in the Castro (on 16th near Market) and they serve a nice lunch. The pizzas are good (many of them have a pork product on them but you can usually get it without) as well as some interesting meatless dishes.
                For Friday in Oakland: I second Fusebox, it's quite good. Further afield but near the Rockridge BART station there are lots of places that serve a good lunch.