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Jul 10, 2013 08:54 AM

Rehearsal Dinner- 50ish people- <$60pp all in

I am looking for a dinner suggestion anywhere in Manhattan for 45-60 people, that will come in at less than $60 per person all in including alcohol. I am thinking a BYOB type place could contribute to this but obviously not a must. Prefer this to not be Italian/Asian.

Location is flexible and any insights would be much appreciated.

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  1. I bet you could take over the downstairs (performance space with full seating and a bar) at Hill Country as long as your event doesn't coincide with the music performance. Or, you might consider that a plus.

    1. Thanks Elisa515.

      The one other caveat in my difficult situation is that there will be a chunk of vegetarians in the mix and something that meat heavy wouldn't be ideal either.

      I think Pio Pio in Hell's Kitchen is a nice example of what can work- if you can think of anything along those lines, would be much appreciated

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        I'm not familiar with Pio Pio, sorry.

        Before you dismiss Hill Country (a place with which I have no affiliation!--in fact I've only been there once but hope to return), you might want to ask what they can do in the non-meat department. My guess is they might be pretty accommodating.

        As others will point out, I'm sure, your price point in Manhattan (especially on what I'm going to guess is either a Friday or Saturday night?) is going to be tough.

        1. re: mynameisigor7

          I went to a rehearsal dinner at Pio Pio that probably had about 40-50 people and, while it was really good, we didn't have a separate room. We were at 2 long tables the length of the room at the back of the big room downstairs (sorry if that description is confusing). It was pretty loud in there so if you wanted to do speeches or something like that it may not be ideal.

          For my rehearsal dinner we looked into Hill Country and they couldn't guarantee us a private room for our group of 50ish unless we paid a lot more than we were hoping to reserve the whole downstairs room.

          Sorry that this post is more shooting down ideas than helping, but if I come up with a suggestion I'll come back and post again.

          1. re: jessbnjess

            That's really helpful and insightful. Not an easy task!