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Jul 10, 2013 08:53 AM

Beaune restaurants in August

Can anyone recommend restaurants that will be open in late August?

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  1. As mentioned in a previous reply on a similar thread - contact the Beaune tourism office. They are very helpful!

    1. We have never found anything of much interest open in town in August. A few km west in Bouze le Beaune is La Bouzerotte, not bad food and pretty patio dining.

      For something a little (a lot) rougher, we enjoyed a wonderfully local lunch at a roadside (truckers') stop on the west side of N74 south of Nuits St. George. Leatherette booths, no choice, sit down and the waitress starts bringing it: bread, composed salad, steak frites, cheese, rhum baba, bottle of red for 2. Ridiculously cheap and delightfully memorable.

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        And on the east side of N74 in Morey Saint Denis is the
        Relais des Grands Crus another Relais Routiers (truck stop) that was featured on the Tony Bourdain show about Burgundy. Same format and pricing.