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Jul 10, 2013 08:01 AM

Anyone know where I can buy raw cashews in Montreal?

I am making a friend who is allergic to dairy a birthday cake but I need 3 cups of raw cashews. Anyone know where I can buy some, preferably the Plateau/Mile End area. Merci!

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  1. Any of the various health food stores in Montreal should be able to hook, you up.

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    1. I have bought some at PA on Parc recently.

      1. Any chance you could post the recipe? Not on this topical board at chowhound, perhaps home cooking or special diets?

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        1. re: lagatta

          Thanks Stak. I shop at PA and I was thinking they might have them too. I'll give them a call. Lagatta, the recipe is taken from and it's called a raw strawberry cheesecake. check it out! Let you know how it turns out. thanks again everyone.

          1. re: KANGAGIRL

            I have made raw strawberry cheesecakes before. Delicious! Good luck!

            (You could also post your results in the Vegan & Vegetarian board, if'n you want.)

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              I was at PA the other day & they had some for $20 per kg, right by the door. Also happened to be at Rachelle-Bery, where they were $32 per kg but organic.

          2. With one day's notice, you can pick up a kilo from Prana in Mile End-- organic, raw, $25 for 1 kg.


            1. Pretty much any Indian or Sri Lankan store will have raw cashew nuts, especially those catering to a more South Indian clientele. If you ask for the broken ones, you can usually get them at a far better rate than the whole ones, which, if you are blending them, is more what you want.