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Jul 10, 2013 07:54 AM

Taste of Buffalo this weekend (July 13/14) - worth checking out?

I have had this on my calendar since last year as I wasn't able to go. I have never been to the festival. I would be visiting from the Toronto area. I am curious to see how it is but if someone tells me it is horrible/over priced/ not worth the time/etc then I won't bother coming down and will just head down another weekend to check out some Buffalo restaurants/sites.

I know this board isn't super active but hoping to get some pointers from locals :)

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  1. I enjoyed it last year, even though it was hot and crowded. A lot of the offerings were a tad heavy for my taste, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Indian snacks. They had some NYS wines last year as well. There's really no place to sit, so all the food is (supposed to be) made to be eaten while walking.

    Short summary: if you're in the neighborhood it's worth stopping by. It's not worth the trip from Toronto just for the food fair.

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      Thanks for the response. I have decided to come down anyway and do some food shopping (you guys have some products down there that we don't have here), etc...

      Do you have any suggestions for parking (even maybe a free spot :) )... I am okay with walking. Just would like a route in to avoid the traffic/crowds

      1. re: ylsf

        Sorry, but I live about 2800 miles away - I only went last year because I was visiting family, and they drove - so my knowledge of Buffalo parking conditions is slim!

    2. So I ended up going on Saturday. It was a fun afternoon out and I always like downtown Buffalo area (wish it got more attention, such amazing architecture/etc). It definitely was not gourmet but I still had a few food bites of food. The prices were generally reasonable too compared to some other food events I have been too. It was crowded but it wasn't really bad like some of the larger food events we have in the Toronto area (like Taste of the Danforth/etc).

      Overall, a fun outing and plus I ended up stopping at Paula's Donuts after for the first time (instead of picking up one I got 4!!) and then did a stop at Wegmans.