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Jul 10, 2013 07:24 AM

Galveston...any place worth eating?

I have to travel to Houston occasionally and try to hit up new restaurants. Last time went to Underbelly and it was fantastic. Spending the weekend in Galveston. Any recommendations?

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  1. Of course. There are lots of places. Swamp is the board's Galveston guru, but I like Mario's Seawall for pizza, The Spot for burgers and fries, Olympia Grill at the 21st street pier for Greek and seafood. For fine dining there's 901 Post Office (limited hours) and Paco & Rudy.

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      Thanks! I just read that 901 Post Office is closed for good. Is that true?

      1. re: jbundul

        901 Post Office IS closed. I was there two weeks ago and inquired while at Rudy and Paco's.

    2. I haven't been in a while, but there is a soul food restaurant called Simp's near the Federal Courthouse that is nothing short of amazing. The two or three times I've eaten there is was extremely good. In fact, I'd go out of my way to eat there again.

      2602 Ball St
      Galveston, TX 77550-2130

      (409) 762-8040

      1. FYI, Simp's is no longer on the island. They have relocated to La Marque on Highway 3. Great soul food.

        Yes, 901 is closed but all is not lost. The inspiration that was 901 is Steve Griffith and he now has a new restaurant at Beachtown on the island's east end. It is the Porch Cafe and it is fantastic. Porch Cafe has great small plates, I very much enjoyed the "Porch Devils", chilled deviled eggs topped with chunks of lobster, capers and fresh greens. Absolutely fantastic. I also enjoyed the Bloody Mary ceviche and the shrimp pate. Porch also features some great entrees.

        I highly recommend this new addition to the island's dining scene.

        Porch Cafe
        1625 East Beach Drive
        Thursday - Saturday, Dinner only
        Sunday Brunch, 9 -3

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          Wow, the Simp's that just opened on Broadway not a year ago is gone? I'll put Porch Cafe on the radar. It sounds more casual than 901?

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            Yes, they had actually been in business for years on the corner of 26th & Ball, then after Ike they eventually opened up at the corner of 26th & Braodway. I hear there was some issue with the building so they moved to the mainland. People out there are very happy.

        2. In my opinion:
          Rudy and Paco's
          Waterman's - the Shrimp Kisses are amazing!
          Mosquito Cafe

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          1. I'll throw in the Gumbo Bar and Shrimp n Stuff, a local hangout. I would suggest Benno's for stellar fried Cajun crabs, but the wait on a weekend will be long and the crabs are delicious when done right, not always the case. You can call ahead for availability and advance ordering.


            While I love the outside deck at The Spot Fall, Winter, and Spring, I've seen an entire cheeseburger carried off by flies in the summer only to be hijacked by a gang of seagulls. Dine inside or sweat and swat flies.


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