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Ontario sour cherries 2013

Anywhere in the GTA where I can find them? Not pitted / in syrup - just cherries by the basket / kilo.

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  1. The east York farmers market had some. They should be at most markets next week.

    1. Though not next door, the Hamilton Farmers' Market and Ottawa Street Farmers' Market are great for seasonal fruit. Closer to the Niagara growing areas. Better variety and quality than GTA markets.

      1. Metro may start carrying them soon, according to the most recent flyer.

        1. $6.99/qt at Highland Farms in MIss. this a.m. Larger baskets available.

          1. Sour cherries at St. Lawrence north market today. $20 for a 3L basket.

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              I got one of those too! Now what are some ideas of what to do with them? Last year was my first finding sour cherries and I just got a few. Froze some and marinated the rest with lime juice zest and sugar. I'm not a HUGE baker but I'd make a pie at some point. Maybe jam. Maybe infuse bourbon or something.

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                I made sour cherry freezer jam this year. It's super yummy!

            2. The Liberty Village Farmers Market should have sour cherries on this coming Sunday (says Tammy of Sun Ray orchards).

              1. If you're willing to drive and put in a little sweat equity, Two Century Farm near Grimsby has pick-your-own sour cherries and a 7L basket is only $10! Their cherries are delicious and the sour cherries are plentiful. They also have sweet cherries ($32/7L basket).

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                  That's amazing!! Wish I had a car.

                2. There are some fresh Ontario Sour Cherries at Michaelangelo's in Mississauga. They just got them in.

                  1. Couldn't wait for the markets / supermarkets, we I picked my own. http://www.andrewsscenicacres.com/pic...
                    Thanks, everyone.

                    1. Saw these today at Highland Farms on Ellesmere/Kennedy.

                      1. Might be last weekend to get some. Better ones outside north market rather than the inside stall.

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                          It was a good year for sour cherries. I have one tree that was heavily laden, branches touching the ground. I'm not a baker, so I invited neighborhood kids to pick, and although they said the taste was 'gross', the plump fruits disappeared a week ago.

                          Peaches, pears and apple trees are also heavily laden, and will be ready in a few weeks.

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                            jay90, have you heard of Not Far from the Tree? It's a non-profit that will arrange volunteers to pick your tree. They split the fruit between the tree owner, the pickers and a food bank/kitchen in your neighbourhood. I know the cherry picks are enormously popular so you can be assured your fruit would be appreciated.


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                              Seems to be restricted to Toronto wards.

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                            Got one more basket today. That's 60$ on sour cherries this year. I've really got to figure out where I can buy a big bucket pitted for cheaper.

                          3. yummy market at finch/dufferin had them for 3.99 lb... what do you do with them normally? I just ate them.. not bad.. not as sour as i thought it would be from the name

                            1. I am on a mission to find some sour cherries this weekend. Has anyone spotted some yet? I am in Toronto area. I will try Liberty Village market to see if Sunray Orchards has any on Sunday. I might go to St. Lawrence market this weekend.

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                                People's church market, today. Sheppard Ave near Bayview

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                                  I found some in Roncesvalles as well.

                              2. the fruit store beside metro on college and crawford has for 2.99 / lbs

                                1. I am on a mission to find some sour cherries to send to a friend up north who has a craving. Are they any still available? I did pick up some lovely sour cherries from Bzjak Farms at the Sorauren Farmers market last week.