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Jul 10, 2013 06:47 AM

Ontario sour cherries 2013

Anywhere in the GTA where I can find them? Not pitted / in syrup - just cherries by the basket / kilo.

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  1. The east York farmers market had some. They should be at most markets next week.

    1. Though not next door, the Hamilton Farmers' Market and Ottawa Street Farmers' Market are great for seasonal fruit. Closer to the Niagara growing areas. Better variety and quality than GTA markets.

      1. Metro may start carrying them soon, according to the most recent flyer.

        1. $6.99/qt at Highland Farms in MIss. this a.m. Larger baskets available.

          1. Sour cherries at St. Lawrence north market today. $20 for a 3L basket.

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            1. re: sman

              I got one of those too! Now what are some ideas of what to do with them? Last year was my first finding sour cherries and I just got a few. Froze some and marinated the rest with lime juice zest and sugar. I'm not a HUGE baker but I'd make a pie at some point. Maybe jam. Maybe infuse bourbon or something.

              1. re: equalibra

                I made sour cherry freezer jam this year. It's super yummy!