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Jul 10, 2013 06:40 AM

Pochi Wine Bar-Wilmington

We finally made it to Pochi last night for dinner. Started at the bar during Happy Hour for a drink and then moved to a table for dinner. It was not crowded (only two other tables were occupied); not really surprising for a Tuesday at 6pm.

We had the salmon ceviche and Chilean sea bass for entres. Sea bass was very good with a blackberry sauce; interesting and tasty combo. Salmon was excellent with onions, habanero and green bell peppers, and avocado. Additionally, we shared a side dish of quinoa, red bell peppers, and onions. For drinks, we had a bottle of Chilean pinot noir.

Food was excellent and the service was good; waitress was also the bartender. Our experience definitely warrants a return visit.

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  1. Maybe I'm picky, but I went here with my mom and thought the food was pretty bland.

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      1. re: Philly

        Sorry! Should have been more detailed. I had the empanadas de queso(ok) and for my entree the Pastel de Choclo. The description for this sounded amazing and was expecting strong flavors. Just bland. Didn't even finish, which is a rarity for me!
        Mom had the ceviche which was not very tasty other than very strong onion taste because of the red onions. Haven't been back...

        1. re: mwerkharder

          Sorry to hear of your experience. Fortunately, our salmon ceviche was quite tasty and not overpowered by the onions.