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Jul 10, 2013 06:26 AM

Plaza Azteca????

Coming to Queen Anne's Corner in the former Chili's building. I guess this is the third location in MA. Anyone been? Just another cook by numbers chain? A decent Mexican restaurant would be nice to have close by.

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  1. There is one on the Methuen MA/Salem NH border, and yes a chain.

    When they first opened, they were awesome. Huge menu, fresh, gorgeous ingredients (the roast pork fajitas were a work of art).

    They've gone through two menu changes (not seasonal, global) in the last year and it's been hit or miss. Some of the bad changes have been trivial (the crema based sauce they'd give you with salsa as a condiment for the table is gone), some are big (menu items taken off, quality of meat is worse). The one sure bet is the homemade tableside guacamole, which is made fresh and to your exact's incredibly good.

    1. We go to "The Plaza" all the time at the Methuen location.
      Yes- the tableside guac is where its at- aliong with great margs.
      I am a huge fan of the shrimp salad, burrito san jose, and Flag encheladas.
      A good, fresh, tasty meal for cheap!! Usually under $40 for 2 people!!

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        Thanks all. I'll give it a try when the Norwell/Hingham one opens and report back; who knows when. They started renovation about a month ago. You know how those things go. Love guac and margs.