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Jul 10, 2013 04:45 AM

Hank's Restaurant Brooklyn, CT

We stopped in on our way back from the Cape. The reviews seemed ok so we figured we'd try it. I started with a mojito that was very good. I had the turkey dinner, it was just as I expected, sliced turkey breast over stuffing with mashed potatoes. It was basic and filling. My partner had the grilled chicken over pasta with vodka sauce. It was awful. The chicken seemed processed and fake, the texture was not that of chicken and was mechanically sliced. The sauce was as thick as water and tasted awful. Chicken breast on sale is $1.99 lb on sale and takes no time to grill and red sauce is so easy to make and Cooks Illustrated has a great recipe for vodka sauce. I don't understand why they don't make this from scratch, it would be so easy and quick. The salad bar was good,but just iceberg lettuce and some spinach. This pace has potential and with a few tweaks can be much better. I'm not asking for gourmet food, I love basic New England cooking, just please improve on what you have. There is potential here.

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  1. I can honestly say Hank's in Brooklyn is a dump.
    I really wish it wasn't so, but it's a dump.
    I don't think you'll see any changes.
    They seem comfortable with what they do.

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      Thanks, it's too bad cause there is potential. We won't be going back. I don't see how they got decent reviews on yelp,urbanspoon, and tripadvisor.