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Jul 10, 2013 01:01 AM

Recommend Grocery Tote Bag

In LA for groceries checkouts, they stopped giving plastic or even paper bags and started charging extra for the paper bags!

So, I'm looking for a durable but not too expensive Grocery Tote Bag.


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  1. I bought a couple of Trader Joe's bags for 99ยข each. They're made to last (2 years so far), and they're cool. :-)

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    1. re: John Francis

      The TJs bag shown in this link 2nd row from the top, 3rd bag from the left, is my all time favorite. It holds a huge amount of whatever and its long low shape is easy to pack. They haven't had this shape bag for a while but I keep emailing them begging them to bring it back. Mine are several years old and are starting to fall apart. I thought I had bought enough of them to last a lifetime but between heavy use and using them for gift bags, I'm running low.

    2. Interesting query. Does anyone know if USA marketers sell those mesh bags that people use in Europe? They scrunch up into almost nothing for storing in a purse or what not but then expand as needed to the size of a beach ball.

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      1. re: Bada Bing

        For large, heavy loads I like the roller bag which I found at TJ Maxx. For smaller loads, I use a cloth bag that can be washed even though it gets unloaded from the floor. The whole idea of putting a dirty bottomed bag on my counter makes me queezy.

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          You will find a selection if you google "string shopping bags" (in Europe they go by their French name, filet"). But I find that I do better with any kind of shopping bag as long as it meets these two criteria: 1) it is long and deep (usually moreso than the filet) and 2) it has LONG loop handles that will go over my shoulder, to distribute weight as I find more comfortable than carrying the bag at the end of my arm.

        2. The insulated bags they sell at WF hold up really well as do their regular ones. Added bonus is that they will replace them for free if they wear out or get damaged.

          I have found European style mesh bags at BBB and places like Home Goods and Ikea. For small, non bulky purchases they are ok but I really only use them when I go to the farmers market.

            1. I live in LA and have both of these. The first is insulated, and hard sided and holds a TON. I know, I know, its Walmart ~~ but I searched all over and couldn't find one like it anywhere else, so I bit the bullet and bought it. Actually, I'm on my second one, the first wore out. It is so great for carrying my 2 liter bottles of diet coke and the meat, cheese, etc. frozen food et al.

              The second is now my all purpose bag that I take everywhere. I have it in black, but a colleague just ordered one because she likes mine so much.