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Jul 9, 2013 11:48 PM

Are you making anything for Bastille Day?

We are having a daytime party with 10 people total (on Sat., July 13th). I'm still refining our Bastille Day menu, but so far have the following:

Charcuterie, cheeses, olives, tapenade, crudités
Nicoise Salad
Brochettes - lamb merguez and chicken
Quiche (backup if we run out of food)
Cherry Clafoutis

And of course, plenty of rosé and white wine.

Anyone else celebrating Bastille Day?

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    1. 'Fraid not. We're not French and havnt really got an inclination to celebrate the national days of other countries, although it could be an interesting cooking theme throughout the year. We don't even celebrate our own national day.

      October could be an interesting month for creative cooking with national day celebrations going on in Austria, Cyprus, Equatorial Guinea, Fiji, Germany, Iraq, Lesotho, Nigeria, Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda & Zambia.

      Isn't Bastille Day on 14/7?

      1. I think Bastille Day is my favorite on our list of holidays-we-celebrate! My husband and I met on Bastille Day, and our wedding anniversary is 15 July, so it's automatically a two-day celebration for Just Us Two. After a May/June/early July social-family calendar that would scare anyone, Bastille Day is our tipping point into enjoying summer at a more relaxed pace.

        We go pretty simple, since the first week of July not only includes The Fourth, but also my husband's birthday and another major annual event for friends (last week saw 24 racks of ribs going through this kitchen). So we dial way back on effort and relax. We're grilling tuna for a salade Niçoise, piling the table with some fruit and cheeses-yet-to-be-determined and sitting back to listen to some Serge Gainsbourg. Mr. Cay will regale me with his "Dirty Mock Frenchman" routine all night, and eventually we'll get around to dancing and an orange marmalade omelette for dessert, and maybe some storming of the Bastille if we're lucky. It's all French Enough for us, and one of our favorite dinners of the year.

        And then we get to go out the next day for the wedding anniversary. What's not to like?

        Although we keep Bastille Day for ourselves, your menu sounds terrific! Lucky guests!

        1. It is one of our family friends birthday, my parents anniversry my moms bday is the 15, her best friends bday is the 17 and her husbands is the 16 and another friends is the 17 SOOOOOOO we do a BIG Bastille Day French themed party every year
          vineager chicken

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          1. re: girloftheworld

            Mussels. Yes. You're right. How could I forget? My husband is a lukewarm fan, which means I get 80% of the mussels. Definitely needs to go on the menu. For personal gluttony's sake.

          2. I always love to do a picnic. This is a great, easy menu: