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Jul 9, 2013 10:02 PM

Milanesa Tacos - Mi Casa on 183 and Ohlen

Mi Casa is a hidden and underrated gem on the northwest corner of 183 and Ohlen (across from Sea Dragon in that big parking lot). Who else in town serves beef milanesa tacos? Not my other local favorite in the hood Taco More. This is quality, never gristly and tender pinky sized sliced beef, breaded, pan fried - the batter is light but well seasoned. No house made tortillas - strike one, also not found at Taco More - tied for laziness. But the service, consistency, and fresh quality food are well above average and homey cheap. Puerco con cascabel is tender, swimming in a rich guajillo pepper sauce, 7 bucks with rice and beans, and on par with Sazon's version - simply excellent. They roll out fajitas all night but I've yet to try them. Another bonus is their cold, creamy and fiery salsa verde that goes well with everything. Pozole and Menudo are solid, not quite as good as Los Pinos, but it's 2 minutes from the house instead of 30. The guac is fresh but bland. add lime and salt.

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