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Sitram Profiserie Saute pan

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I was asked to do a review of this, so here goes. The pan seems fine, though not as heavy as a similar Cuisinart pan might be. The induction capable bottom is set out and down from the bottom edge of the pan, so you lose a little cooking space there, I think, But in my one use of it, I didn't notice any problem.

The handle seems extra long to me, perhaps because it is meant to be used in a commercial kitchen.

As I stated in another thread, the lid is disappointingly flimsy. You buy the pan and lid separately, and I don't see why the lid is not made with more substantial materials. The lid is also magnetic. It has a tiny hold drilled in the edge for steam escape, I think.

The handle feels fairly comfortable, but I haven't used the pan enough to make a judgement.

My sauce was perfect in this pan! It performed well on my new induction cook top. No sticking, no burning. I think this pan is a good value option for induction cooking. I'll add more to these thoughts later, perhaps.

http://tinyurl.com/k8ksuzk Sitram Profiserie 3.3-Quart Commercial Stainless Steel Saute Pan

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  1. The handles on my set were were nice. Being hollow, they didn't get hot very easily and normally were easy to hold in my bare hand. On the larger sauce pots, I would have liked an oval handle shape.

    The lids are thin but, work well and as noted are generally purchased separately. I believe this is due to commercial kitchens not needing a lid for every single pan they own.

    In terms of cooking performance, for "cheap" pans, they worked very well - better then many similarly priced pans.

    1. Hi, Sue:

      Thanks for the review.

      Profisserie has a very thick aluminum disk above the magnetic steel to spread the heat; that probably accounts for its evenness.

      Excellent value at $52.


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      1. re: kaleokahu

        I agree so far. Excellent value, which was a factor for me.

        1. re: sueatmo

          Hi, Sue:

          Let us know what you think of the handle as you cook more. I have held these (but not cooked in them), and I found the handle to be comfortable, much more so than the kludgy look would indicate.


          1. re: kaleokahu

            OK. I messed around with it and other of my pans today, trying to get a feel for what the cook top will do, and how the pans worked.

            The Profiserie is outstanding; it is the best of the lot. I will have to have other pieces, I think.

            I have not picked up the saute pan when it was full of food. And you can't shake the pan when you use induction. But so far, so good.

            1. re: sueatmo

              Hi, Sue:

              I knew it was good stuff. Too bad Catering isn't induction compatible.