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Jul 9, 2013 07:43 PM

visiting finger lakes, end Sept 2013, restaurant suggestions please

Hello all,

I would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants for the Finger Lakes region. Will be staying in Hammondsport, off Keuka Lake for 4 days. Any other must see suggestions also very welcome!

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  1. You might want to drive to Watkins Glen and experience the park. There are several restaurants there. That's on Seneca Lake and you could also do the wineries around that lake (Keuka has many as well). Corning isn't very far away either, there is the Museum of Glass there, as well as the Rockwell Museum. I believe the Curtiss Museum is right in or near Hammondsport, if you're interested in aviation history. I used to live around there, but I'm not sure of any restaurants to direct you toward these days, sorry.

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      we do figure on visiting the park. I have a degree in geology so we have to look at rocks!

    2. Danos on Seneca lake is where it's at.

      If you drive around Seneca you can end up at Watkins Glen and also go to the local breweries like Rooster Fish.

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        Sounds great. We do figure on visiting rooster fish

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          If you are at all into the outdoors, don't miss the hike through Watkins Glen (not the racetrack!). Amazing scenery and you'll work up an appetite. Try Moosewood in Ithaca for truly original vegetarian cooking that even omnivores like.

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            Moosewood has gone downhill and I would no longer recommend it myself.

      2. Village Tavern in Hammondsport -- awesome beer/wine list.

        Red Dove Tavern in Geneva -- funky seasonal food, local wines on draft.

        Ports Cafe just south of Geneva on the west side of Seneca Lake.

        On the east side of Seneca, Stone Cat Cafe and the bistro at Red Newt winery.

        1. Don't miss the Corning Museum of will be the highlight of your trip. Spectacular!!

          1. How far do you wish to drive for a good meal?

            Village Tavern - Good food and good seafood. Pricey.
            Union Block - Good Italian.
            Restaurant at Bully Hill Vineyards - Very good but their wines are not good. The food is excellent. Many who go there buy a cheap bottle of Bully Hill, dump it out and fill it with a good wine. Then take that to the restaurant. No kidding.
            Snug Harbor - About a mile north of Hammondport on the west side of Keuka Lake. Very good.
            Lakeside Restaurant - On the west side of Keuka Lake opposite the bluff. Wonderful setting on the water and good food too.
            San Carlos - South on Rt54. Very good Mexican from Sonora. Beef country.
            The Switzerland Inn - On the east side of Keuka Lake near the bluff. Good sammies and burgers. Great view.

            Geneva (a 30 mile drive)
            Ports - Seafood and pasta. Good food but VERY noisy. Hard to hear your dinner partner. We don't go there anymore due to the noise.
            Halsey's - Downtown. Very good fine dining and not too pricey.
            Dano's - Not in Geneva. Half way down Seneca Lake on the east side. Austrian. Known for wursts and sausage. Highly rated and recommended.

            Watkins Glen
            Jerlando's - Family Italian. Good value.
            Wildflower Cafe - Downtown. Always been good.
            Seneca Lodge - On the hill above Watkins Glen State Park. Old time restaurant. Great setting and ambiance

            Nothing worth it in Bath. If you need a pizza rec, Wise Guys in Hammondpoort.

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              thanks for the long list! figuring on going to Wildflower. Will be going to Bully Hill restaurant, and we like their wines so that's no problem :) Also like more "sophisticated" wines too. Intending on heading to Beef and Brew upper Seneca to partake of pig roast adverted on their website.