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Jul 9, 2013 07:43 PM

South Jersey Shore Seafood

I visit from L A every summer and I am still trying to find the seafood shack type of place that I love in New England. I do like Smith's (Smitty's) Clam Bar.
Oyster Creeke has the right feel but the food is just mediocre. Would love someplace within 45 minutes of the Ventnor/Atlantic City area that serves great seafood.
I enjoy Doc's food but I am talking about a basic seafood place.

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  1. Mike's has been around a while and has a pretty good reputation. I have been to the one in Sea Isle which is pretty good and not far from A/C.

    1. I hear you, flowergirl. An ongoing source of disappointment to me is the lack of New England-quality seafood shacks Down The Shore. I am eager to hear news of good places! We stay in Wildwood, so info about that area would be welcome.