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Jul 9, 2013 05:26 PM

recommendations for authentic Italian in town for party of 50, please

A friend from CA who knows his food is coming to town, looking for
recommendations for:

- Italian restaurant
- in North End (preferably), or at least in Boston
- can hold a party of ~50 people (a rehearsal dinner on a Thurs)
- good/authentic food
- not too expensive
- kid friendly

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maggianos, although in Park Sq, should fit the bill. It gets mixed reviews on this board but I've always liked it.

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    1. re: catsmeow

      I will agree that Maggiano's can handle 50 people, but it is not in the North End of course, and I wouldn't consider it very authentic, seeing as how it is a national chain.

    2. what classifies as "not too expensive"? that will help in my suggestions.

      1. Pricing is obviously key here. That'll help narrow it down. Also, when you say "good/authentic food" does that mean you'd prefer no Italian/American red sauce places? Do you want a private room? What about alcohol? Does just wine/beer/cordials work or do you want a place with a full liquor license?

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        1. re: mkfisher

          For pricing we were thinking in the range of (minimum) Gran Gusto to (max) Pomodoro.

          By "good/authentic" I do mean no Italian-American red sauce places.

          A private room would be preferable (or, if the restaurant holds ~50 take over the joint).

          Re: alcohol, as long as they have a wine/beer license that is fine.

          Again, thanks in advance!

          1. re: amatto

            You could call Tresca in the North End. They have a private room that would accommodate up to 75 and may be able to help you stay within your budget. I have attended a couple of receptions there in the past and the food had been just fine - not remarkable, but good enough for a large group with many non "red sauce" options.

            1. re: amatto

              I believe Grotto maxes out at 40, but I might be remembering that wrong (I looked into taking it over around 5 years ago). Definitely worth giving them a call.

              1. re: amatto

                for most places in the north end, 50 ppl would exceed capacity or be a buy-out.

            2. Maybe rent out the private room at Scampo? It doesn't quite seat 50, though. And probably on the pricier side.

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              1. Maybe Monica's Vinoteca? Mid-priced, could fit 50, some great pasta's. On the cheaper side that might work would be Antico Forno. Both are buy-outs. I don't think there is an actual authentic Italian restarant in Boston, especially in the N. End, so what I assume you are asking for is the best authentic Italian-American restaurants that are mid priced.