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Jul 9, 2013 05:15 PM

DC next weekend (visiting from Boston)

Visiting DC next weekend with my husband, who has never been there before. We're thinking of going to Jaleo because he loves Jose Andres/Made in Spain. I last dined there in 2000 or 2001 - is it still good?

We also plan to check out the U Street corridor one evening and are looking for suggestions there. I've heard that Local 16 and Marvin are good - true?

Any suggestions for a truly DC restaurant and bar are also welcome. I went to college there, so it's been a while! I remember loving Eighteenth Street Lounge, drinks at the old Hotel Washington (W Hotel now, I think) and feeling very fancy when I grabbed a drink at the Willard.

Will be staying in Dupont but visiting the Mall, Georgetown, National Cathedral...all the usual spots. Any recommendations welcome! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Jaleo is still great...I could live off those patatas bravas! We just visited the National Museum of the American Indian and the cafeteria, Mitsitam, is pretty cool. I generally despise cafeterias but the quality there is quite good and the selection is interesting. The bison steak and chickpeas were especially tasty.

    1. Welcome from my home town of Boston!

      1. Jaleo is still very good and recently redesigned the whole restaurant so it will look more updated than the last time you were there. I think it's a good choice, especially if your husband is a fan of Jose's.

      2. Personally I think the food is much better over on 14th St...right near U Street. You could go get dinner on 14th St and then drinks at Marvin or Local 16. My recommendation would be to check out Le Diplomat, Birch and Barley (further down 14th away from U St), or Pearl Dive. The other option is to get Ethiopian food on U St. I would recommend Etete.

      3. For a truly DC dining and bar experience you should go to Old Ebbit Grill and get oysters and a martini. You can also get drinks at the Willard.