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Jul 9, 2013 04:37 PM

Where to bring my niece for her 13th bday

Any ideas? Trying to think of someplace fun, cool and memorable.

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  1. What kind if food does she like?

    My 13 year old niece is sort of fussy....

    Also location and price point?

    1. She's not incredibly picky. She loves steak, traditional American fare, italian, etc. Anywhere in Boston proper should be ok. Price point -- around $20/dish is ok too (whole family is coming, I should actually mention that this will be lunch, not dinner.) I'd like something that is somewhat special -- was thinking the Prudential as it's a neat experience for out of towners, but she has been there a few times now.

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        Well the first thing that comes to mind is Q Hot Pot in Chinatown.

        I took my niece and her friend there last summer and they loved it.

        Not sure if Asian is up her ally but it's a nice, sleek place and hot pot is fun.

        But I'll keep thinking.

        1. re: C. Hamster

          Coppa, Myers & Chang or, if there aren't tons of you, outside at the Salty Pig.

      2. We took our daughter and friends to Osaka Japanese Steakhouse in Coolidge Corner for her 12th birthday and they had a great time. Sort of like the old Benihana, there are teppan-style grills at large tables with a chef who cuts up meat and vegetables and puts on a big show. It will definitely be memorable (although the food is somewhat generic). Don't know if they do the grills at lunch, you'll need to check.

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        1. re: GaryK

          I'll second Osaka, our teenagers love it for a special night out. Then there's fun shops around, Brookline Booksmith, JP Licks, etc. to enjoy after lunch.