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Jul 9, 2013 04:16 PM

NOLA in August.Yikes!

So Dad and his 14`yr. old daughter are off on a roadtrip. She has her mind set on NOLA. She's been to 4 Jazzfests; Dad to 24. Dad's not a big heat guy, but I couldn't dissuade her. Any suggestions on food choices that might get us out of the heat.Or other AC activities? I know Hansen's is a must. Plum St. too. Thanks, 'hounds.

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  1. The Aquarium is perfect !! It's great in general and VERY chilly in the hot weather. We're headed there in August too and I already have it on the list!

    1. The WWII museum is certainly worth a visit -- both for the exhibits and the American Sector restaurant (which, while appealing to kids & families is surprisingly good).

      Since you're into music, you might also consider a trip to Euclid Records down in the Bywater. It's a short, easy walk from there to Piety St. Snowballs (which is not bad at all) and also to a few decent restaurants: Pizza Delicious, Booty's, Elizabeth's, Maurepas Foods, and Suis Generis. PD, Booty's, and Maurepas all serve smallish portions ... I'm not (too) ashamed to say I've hit all three and the snowball stand (and Euclid, but that's a different vice) on the same afternoon. On more than one occasion. Alone.

      Also ... keep in mind that Buffa's back room -- where they have their music -- is (so far as I can tell) teen friendly. If you're down that end of the world, the Clover Grill is good fun ... though if Buffa's hasn't 86'd the chuck wings already (they're excellent but fleeting), they're worth the mess.

      Note that while it's blistering hot outside it can be frigid inside. You probably know that but keep it in mind, more than once I've ended up uncomfortably cold inside eating.

      1. new orleans school of cooking in the old Jax brewery is fun ( I am 13 and had fun)
        I also liked the vampie tour it was at night so it was cooler
        we also did the wax musem which my sister wanted to see
        and there is a great history center on the river.

        My very favourite is restraunt August

        1. First - seersucker suits, or white linen for dad, plus a Panama hat. For the ladies, a parasol, even in clear weather is not a bad choice.

          Lot's of tall, cool drinks - an afternoon in the Carousel Bar would not be out of the question, as would The Columns.

          In August, I would plan on both Hansen's and Williams Plum St. More will be better.

          When we left NOLA for Colorado, I stood on the platform of the train, and told my wife's family "You will NEVER see me back in New Orleans in the Summer... " Sort of like Teddy Roosevelt campaigning for President. Well, her family conspired. It seems that all weddings have been in the Summer. The New Orleans Wine & Food Festival decided to move closer to the Summer. Nieces and nephews held off their graduations, until the Summer. I have had to eat my words - but with light-weight clothing, plenty of tall, cool drinks, a lot of shade, and the AC in all restaurants, have made it bearable, at least for me. I do not put in the walking in the Summer, and often cab-it, so that I am not wet, when I arrive at the restaurants, but it is doable. Just remember that everyone will be using the hotel's hairdryer, just to be dry enough to put on a shirt!

          Enjoy, and stay cool.


          1. I don't even play a doctor on TV but my medico friends have confirmed that constant hydration is essential especially if you are drinking alcohol which runs you the other way. I have a friend who wined and dined a great deal Albeit in an arid climate in Oregon) who found himself in the hospital severely dehydrated and was on a fluid IV. It takes awhile, I gather, for drinking water to process so a quick slug won't do the drink if you are badly rundown. As noted elsewhere, light fabric anda hat are essential After sweating you might find restaurant air conditioning TOO cold

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              Well, I DID stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, and agree with you. In Phoenix, we have dozens of patients, per day, who do NOT hydrate. They suffer mightily.