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Jul 9, 2013 03:17 PM

penang laksa report (June 2013)

Our search for penang laksa was both rewarding and frustrating.

The two apparently most well-renowned stalls (Air Itam and Weld Quay/Lebuh Aceh) were closed the several times we tried them. Maybe next time.

We did make it to Penang Road several times (inside the coffee shop with the famous cendol stand outside) and to Pulau Tikos (sp?) (also inside a coffee shop). We preferred the Penang Road version, which had the fish broken into little pieces and integrated throughout the bowl. Excellent flavor overall.

Pulau Tikos served the fish intact at the top of the bowl, Broth was good but not as good to my taste as Penang Road.

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  1. At Penang Road, you were probably at Joo Hooi coffeeshop ( Did you not try the chendol - it's *the* best in Penang, and my personal favourite in the whole world!

    I'm wondering if the assam laksa you had at Pulau Tikus was at Sin Hwa ( It's one of the few places which also serves deep-fried spring rolls which you can dip into the sourish-sour laksa soup.

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      We did try the chendol and it was excellent.