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Jul 9, 2013 03:02 PM

Good Country Breakfast/Brunch from Boston to Woodstock?

We're driving from Boston to Woodstock on SATURDAY. Any great breakfast/brunch spots to hit out of town on our way? Thanks

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    1. re: trufflehound

      either but we'll be hungry earlier so likely NH

      1. re: tennisboy

        I think trufflehound means are you going to Woodstock NH or Woodstock VT? Don't want to suggest something off 93 north of Concord if you are headed up 89 to Vermont!

      2. After doing some research, I like Robie's in Hooksett for our needs. Other ideas?

        1. The Foothills in Warner NH is popular, Easy off I89 drive downtown. After breakfast continue north and get back on I89. The Schoolhouse Café in Davisville/Warner is also open for breakfast.

          But I would be tempted to go to the annual pie breakfast 7/13 in Wilmot NH - a few miles off I89.

          1. Sorry. We're going to Woodstock VT!

            Will check out The Foothills. But the annual pie breakfast sounds fun too, what more can you tell me about it?

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            1. re: tennisboy

              Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned the pie breakfast because I've never been. My husband and I like church suppers and breakfasts. The newspaper said the pies range from sweet to savory so maybe they have quiche too. I had a terrific strawberry rhubarb pie at the Andover NH 4th of July but getting good homemade pie is getting risky. A lot of younger cooks are using graham cracker crusts and pudding filling with cool whip.

              Foothills is very popular. There may be a wait.

              1. re: dfrostnh

                It's never wrong to mention pie breakfasts! ;)