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Jul 9, 2013 02:37 PM

Blue Star Donuts - Portland - Quick Report

I read about this place on Chowhound, and I am glad I checked it out. The main problem with this place was that I wanted to try every single donut and this wouldn't have been good for me.

We ended up with the simple cinnamon and vanilla sugar donut, and a passionfruit-glazed donut topped with cocoa nibs.

I liked the cinnamon and sugar one quite a bit, though the bottom was maybe *slightly* more cooked than I would prefer. Meanwhile, the passionfruit-glazed one was phenomenal. I loved everything about it—the tart glaze, the crunchy nibs, the soft donut, the $2.50 price tag. A donut this good in SF would probably cost $4.00.

I haven't been to Voodoo so I don't know how this place compares, but it's definitely worth a stop.

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  1. Love Blue Star! My top picks are chocolate crunch & Meyer Lemon/Key Lime.
    Voodoo is at the opposite end of the PDX donut spectrum in every imaginable way...

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      The Valrhona chocolate crunch was my fave out of the ones I sampled several weeks ago (although the half-dozen were all gone pretty quickly...). Unbelievably good!

      I will have to try the passionfruit donut next time.