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Jul 9, 2013 01:39 PM

Birchmount & Sheppard

Hi Hounds, I am moving into this area for the first time. Any Chinese, Fish & Chips, Burger Joints or just regular places in the area that you would recommend?

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  1. i'll start this one off i guess.

    johnnys hambugers - a couple blocks west at vic park/sheppard. a Scarborough institution. opens late and is cheap.

    hunter's pizza - up a block at birchmount and huntingwood. also been around for ages. solid greek food. not many (if any) greek places in the area with chinese food dominating the landscape. check out the other places in this plaza...there's viet, shawarma, taiwanese, and cantonese.

    congee queen - one block east at agincourt mall. many options to choose from here at your typical "congee" genre place. congee, noodles, rice, etc etc etc. can't go wrong. not a canadian chinese don't expect chop suey etc. menus are in english.

    the royal chinese restaurant - serves cantonese food but i see people of all ethnicities in here. can get very busy and loud during dinner. opens late.

    crown of li's - pretty much at your intersection. my family's go-to place for takeout for years and years.

    for fish and chips you'll have to venture pretty far east/south in scarborough. have only been to highland fish and chips during my university days. going inside is like entering a time warp.

    kornerstones bar and grill - one block south at birchmount and ellesmere. neighbourhood bar and grill. enough said. grab a cold one and whatever special of the day. my buddy always goes for the t-bone steak special. nothing special in my eyes but to each their own.

    hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Blitz! Sounds better then where we are now. I will just have to keep going down to Duckworths on the Danforth when I crave Fish & Chips!

      1. Orchid Garden Deli in the Agincourt's like a diner....the prime rib is a must try.... indian takeout on the Birchmount and Sheppars plaza is decent....closed on Mondays....they have specials everyday....worth a look...

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          Oh, we went there already!! My son had the Chocolate Chip Pancakes...he fell in LOVE!

        2. Not quite in your area, but very close. Lin Garden

          A solid Hakka Chinese restaurant.

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          1. re: sweetie

            right beside Lin Garden is le cafe michi. prices are elevated but the staff/owners are actually japanese. sounds french and fancy but it's actually japanese food lol. their sushi/sashimi is pretty good but they also do the less well known stuff like japanese curries, katsudon (friend pork cutlet with egg on rice)...not to mention their desserts are yummy.


            directly across lin garden/le cafe michi is primo veal. excellent veal on a bun. can't go wrong.


            i also forgot to mention esquire (greek food, opens late) and athens bakery (greek sweets) are in the same plaza as johnnys. this plaza is pretty busy late into the night with hungry party-goers and stoned ppl buzzing about.


            sorry i should preface that all of these places are solid/consistent neighbourhood joints....the only trip worthy place would be wei's (same plaza as hunters)...which sells stinky tofu. you usually can only get this during asian-themed food festivals. it's an acquired taste though lol.


            happy to help anytime Laurieifto :) i grew up in this area

          2. For Chinese BBQ, the joint in food court at Midland/Sheppard. For Chinese lunch special, same plaza, Maple Yip if you are not sensitive to MSG, or Honest kitchen if you like chinese soup.