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Jul 9, 2013 01:18 PM

Late night food places

I am searching for places to eat that are open 24 hours/late where I can dine after a night at Yankees Stadium/Broadway etc...

Oren Peer

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  1. You may want to specify particular neighbourhoods [the Yankees stadium is rather distant from the Theatre District, etc] and cuisines that interest you.

    If not open 24-hours, what closing time qualifies as 'late night' for your purposes? I generally define it as kitchen open past midnight...

    It's easiest to find late-night eateries Downtown. Blue Ribbon was one of the first respectable restaurants to stay open till 4 am. It's now a city-spanning chain, but the Blue Ribbon in Midtown [W 58th St near Eighth Ave] is only open till 2 am.

    1. Where you can eat late at night depends HIGHLY upon:
      1. Neighborhood you are in
      2. If you are willing to leave that neighborhood
      3. What time it is, 10pm vs 11ppm vs midnight vs 1am
      4. What day of the week it is

      It is much more difficult to find an open restaurant the later it is. It is ALSO much more difficult to find late night restaurants the further you are from downtown. Many restaurants close around 10pm or 10:30pm.

      It is much easier Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday will be the toughest day to find somewhere open past 11pm. However, a place that is open late Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday will also tend to be open late/later on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

      Close to Theatre District AND open late on Sundays:
      Yakitori Totto - open until 11pm
      Marseille - 11pm
      Kashkaval - 11pm
      Totto Ramen - 11pm
      Sake Bar Hagi - 3am
      Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill - 12am
      Landmarc - 2am
      Casellula - 2am
      Esca - 10:30pm
      Salvation Taco - midnight
      Sakagura - midnight

      All of these will be open even later on other days.

      Danji is also very good & close to the theatre district. It is open 10:30pm weekdays, 11:30pm weekend nights, but it is closed Sundays.

      A little further away in Chelsea/Flatiron/NoMad (Sunday hours listed, they will probably be open later on Fridays and Saturdays):
      The Breslin - 4am
      The John Dory - midnight
      El Quinto Pino - 11pm
      Boqueria - 11pm, 19th St location
      Montmartre - 11pm
      Hanjan - midnight, closed Sundays

      And below 14th St:
      Blue Ribbon - til 4am
      Blue Ribbon Izakaya - midnight
      Momofuku Ssam Bar - midnight
      Fatty Cue - midnight
      Tertulia - 11:30pm
      Joseph Leonard - 2am
      Fedora - 2am
      Chez Sardine - 11pm
      Jeffrey's Grocery - 11pm
      Perla - 11pm
      Spotted Pig - 2am
      Louro - 11pm
      Recette - 11:30pm weekdays, midnight, Fri-Sun according to their OpenTable
      The Dutch - midnight
      Motorino - midnight
      Minetta Tavern - 1am
      Balthazar - dinner until 11pm, after hours menu until midnight
      Lupa - midnight
      Dell'anima - midnight
      Buvette - 2am
      Coppelia - 24/7
      Mission Chinese - midnight
      Pok Pok Pad Thai - 11pm
      Pig and Khao - 11pm
      Lafayette - 11pm
      Alder - 11pm
      Carbone - midnight
      Pearl & Ash - midnight, closed Sundays
      ZZ's Clam Bar - 1am, closed Sundays and Mondays
      Lafayette - 11pm
      Costata - 12pm
      Le Philosophe - 11pm

      Hours change all the time so call / check their web site / Facebook / Twitter before going. And keep in mind the kitchen will often want to close a certain amount of time (~30 minutes) before the restaurant's stated closing time.

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      1. re: kathryn

        I find it interesting that several of the Little Wisco restaurants are open past midnight but not Perla and Montmartre...

        Balthazar serves an 'After Hours' menu till 1 am at the weekend [12 am on Sundays]. I've had the dubious pleasure of watching drunken, drowsy couples paw each other in the banquettes there after midnight...

        1. re: Winterpool

          Montmartre is open until 1am on weekend nights:

          Sunday – Wednesday
          5:30pm – 11:00pm

          Thursday – Saturday
          5:30pm – 1:00am

        2. re: kathryn

          This is the most informative post ever, I will rate it four corndogs.

        3. If you're looking for something local to the Stadium, you need to hit the outer boroughs Board.
          In Manhattan, I have a life-long affection for Wo Hop at 17 Mott St, which is open all night, has pretty good Chinese food, and where many of us life-long New Yorkers spent the pre-dawn hours during adolescence.

          1. Thank you very much for the thorough reply. I have not specified a place because i am not afraid to take the subway at the wee hours so a place anywhere in Manhattan is fine by me. I will be late dining at different days and different places but would love to know places where there is a vibrant restaurant scene even at midnight/1 a.m.


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            1. re: Orenpeer

              In general, the more vibrant scene will be downtown/below 14th street.

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                Bubby's is open 24 hours now. Yokocho is open late. Ushiwakamaru serves ramen now after midnight. Veselka is a good late night spot, and of course several places in Chinatown.

              2. French Roast - 24 hours - food is OK, not special; also, some of their sister restaurants are also open 24 hours (e.g. L'Express)

                5 Napkin Burger - midnight - really good burgers, and some late night deals. I have only been to the one on 84th and Bway

                Blue Smoke - 10 on Su and M, 11 on T through Th, 1 AM on F and Sat

                Great NY Noodletown - Chinese and excellent - 4AM

                Carnegie Deli - not the greatest deli but open until 4 AM when they close for 2 1/2 hours

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                  I once 'closed' L'Express, staying there until 6 am catching up with my roommate from university. As the sun began to peek above Manhattan, the chairs were stacked whilst they cleaned the floors. I'm not sure it would have been possible to order anything at that hour.