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Jul 9, 2013 12:43 PM

Nem Cua Be - rice paper wrapped filled with crabmeat, deep fried spring rolls in Oakland, CA?

I'm looking for an authentic Vietnamese restaurant serving Nem Cua Be in Oakland. Found this available with Bodega Bistro on Larkin St, San Francisco for USD14.50, but like to be able to find this available in Oakland, CA or secondary sources in San Francisco, CA. Already called Pho Sinh in Alameda, CA prior to posting this message, don't have it. Tasted this in November 2009 in Hanoi and it's been a gastronomic experience I yearn to repeat. I recently also found Bun Cha Ha Noi, grilled pork patties in a fish sauce served with greens and vermicelli much more readily available, Pho Ao Sen in Oakland serves a good rendition for USD 9.25. Please message me only if you know they serve Nem Cua Be.

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    1. I've had these at Pho Ha Noi in San Jose. Can't remember seeing them in Oakland, but haven't really looked.

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        Saw that and Pho Chanh Noodle House, both in San Jose on Yelp already. Finding at least one in Oakland would be ideal for me. San Francisco Bodega Bistro is more preferable than venturing further out like San Jose or beyond.