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Is there anything I can do with over cooked steak?

We had a barbecue and hubby's overlooked the steak. I wanted to kill him. Now I have lots of leftover, dry over cooked, no pink to be found, sliced steak in my freezer taking up space. Typically I cut leftover sliced steak into small pieces and make cheese, steak and avocado quesadillas with it. But dry is try, right.

Could I add it to a beef broth to give it a smokey flavor? Or should I just toss it?

Thanks in advance

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  1. We have cats so that solves this problem for us if it happens. While they prefer medium rare they don't turn their nose up at overdone.

    How about mincing fine and adding to chili?

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      Hmm do you think it would get tenderized. Or would it still be tough?

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        It will probably still be tough, but if you cut it up into small enough pieces it shouldn't matter too much in chili. You could also grind it and make it into "salad," a la tuna salad, with mayo/mustard/etc., and then use it for sandwiches and such.

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          My mom used to grind up a variety of beef and make it into a sandwich spread like that. It's surprisingly tasty.

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        Along these same lines, maybe beef barley soup?

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          my family wouldn't eat kidney pie. But they would eat a steak pot pie. I guess what Im wondering is there any way to save dried up meat. He really screwed up

        2. Perhaps if you marinate it in olive oil, red wine vinegar and rosemary for a few hours and add it to a steak salad. The vinegar should tenderize it a bit.

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            When hubby initially cooked it and i saw what he did I put lots of lime juice on it. We were using it in fajitas and I thought the lime juice might help tenderize it :::shaking head:::: no luck

          2. Toss in your favorite marinade overnight. Then heat the steak slowly by steaming. Use immediately in any wrap, soup, pie recipe you have been itching to try.

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              Hmmmm so you think steaming it in liquid will do the trick.

              1. re: MsBees

                It did for the ribs I left on the grill and went to sleep on last weekend.

                Lots of flavor. I steamed them over a bed of kraut and white wine.

                1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                  Yeow...went to sleep. ::::hiding behind my hand and laughing:::.

                  I'm glad you were able to save them they sound delicious.

                  do you think if I steamed the steak I would be able to add it to the quesadillas? it is both of my sons favorite.

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                    Go for it. Overkill on the cheese just in case!

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                        I think it will be ok in the quesadillas too.

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                  Hubby bought it so I am not sure.But he always buys the best.He just plains screwed up. LOL...I asked him what the hell happened to his barbecue genes :)

                2. Make a potted meat spread for breads and crudite. Into the food processor: diced meat, cream cheese, garlic, onion, mustard, herbs, tailored to your preferences. Some add a little mayo too. I sometimes add creamy salad dressing of whatever kind is on hand.

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                    I'm liking that a lot. Work with what you have. Don't try to "make a silk purse from a sow's ear" as they say.

                  2. I'd agree on mincing it and adding liquid. I'd make a cottage pie.If you fry off some pancetta first and then saute the veg this will add some fat back in.Making a gravy should also help the dryness.
                    Bacon and gravy are there any problems they can't solve?

                      1. Feed it to your dog, only after it misbehaves. It will catch on.

                        1. I will make a pot of (store bought) brown gravy, then cube up the steak and combine with the gravy, put in the bottom of a pie plate. Top with leftover (or not!) mashed potatoes, and make a cheaters shepherds pie.

                            1. Simmer some onions. Add a can of diced tomates, green chilis, some salsa, a good bottle off beer, and season as desired. Cube the beef into one inch squares. Add fluid if needed. Simmer until beef falls apart when forked. Serve on tortilla with taco fixings or as chili. Also can be done in crock pot if time isn't an issue. PS, keep your tooth pick handy. Third option is to use this in enchiladas. Just roll concoction in tortillas, add enchilada sauce, cheese, and bake to desired browned cheesy goodness.

                              1. Put it on a cutting board, get out a good knife, and cut it into slivers as thin as possible. Then put it in sauce or broth to heat it and serve it on buns. Another option: mince the beef (chop coarsely, don't puree) in food processor and bind with ketchup and season with garlic powder, for sandwiches.

                                1. This is why Got invented condiments - I would not go crazy trying to repurpose it - I would just slice it thin and make a sandwich slatger with mayo for fat a tomato for juicy, salt pepper and eat it for lunch.

                                  1. If this happens again and you own a slow cooker, slice or cut it up and put it into the slowcooker with some beef or vegetable stock or broth and add some aromatics/seasonings; let it cook on the low setting four hours (or more) then use it in fajitas, stir fries, pot pie, empanadas, burritos, scramble with eggs. Cut up some vegetable/potatoes and slowly cook in a skillet then toss in the meat for a hash and top with a poached or fried egg. Use it to top a pizza or make a steak & potato soup are other possibilities. If no slow cooker, the same method can be used stove top or slow braised in the oven for a bit. Tons of options..

                                    1. I was turned on to the concept of the "board sauce" a month or two ago, and given that my favourite steaks tend to be slicing steaks, I've become an immense fan.

                                      Board sauces are kind of a cowboy version of chimichurri or pesto, and given the oil content, they're immensely good with overcooked steak, adding tenderness back into the meat. Lord help you if you use it at first-instance when the meat comes off the grill- you'll never ever go back.