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Jul 9, 2013 10:32 AM

Big Bundts & More in Durham

Haven't seen BBM mentioned on here but they are definitely worthy of it. Her main items are bundts of various sizes and flavors but she also has savory items such as rosemary scones and tomato tarts. Her store is located next to Straw Valley Cafe but the store is only occasionally open to the public-- she mosty operates it as a kitchen. The best way to get her goodies is at Straw Valley actually-- and I can't think of a nicer setting to eat it. She also sells her items on Saturday mornings at the Chapel Hill Farmers Market at the University Mall. Of course you can also place orders online.

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  1. They are also at Southern Season unless they stopped carrying it.

    1. Her bundt cakes are fantastic. Her freshly baked bundt cakes are as good a treat as any you can find in the area. When I ordered one specifically for an occasion, she timed it so it'd be finished right before I came to pick it up so I took it home while it was still warm. I think the only way that bundt cake would have been better is if I had eaten it while I was driving it home but that wouldn't have gone over well with Mrs Gryphon.

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        I don't know how she gets her cake to be so moist!

      2. There is another lady (I think it is a different person) who is making rum bundt cakes. In either case, I make my own.