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Jul 9, 2013 10:16 AM

Decadent desserts in the afternoon near Chinatown?

I'm giving blood Friday afternoon at 274 Tremont Street and am looking to treat myself to a mid-afternoon decadent dessert from a bakery/cafe/restaurant as a reward afterwards, and I'm in the mood for something chocolatey. Any ideas?

A few things I'm considering are Flour, Chocolee, and the South End Buttery. I'd say something within 20-25 minutes walking is best, and preferably a cafe setup (not table service.) I suppose I could also extend this radius to anything on the way back to Park Street, or right off the T in Cambridge that I could get to on the way back home to Davis—OK I guess that really leaves it wide open, though hopefully it's not too too broad. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Thinking Cup! They're right on Tremont between Boylston and Park stations and have a ton of super tasty baked goods. The eclair is delicious, but they've also got all sorts of cakes and cookies and pastries.

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      Ooh yes! Thanks for reminding me. This had crossed my mind initially but I forgot to include it in my list. I've only had their coffee, which I love, but I haven't had their desserts—are they really good? They do look good, but sometimes looks can be misleading (nothing worse than a disappointing dessert.) I'm a baker myeslf and am trying to figure out how to say I have relatively high standards (though not impossibly high!) without sounding like a total snob. Too late?

    2. Chocolee would work, and your timing hits their spotty summer hours. I'd also add LA Burdick in Back Bay to your list.

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        Thanks! I keep forgetting about that location. Do you have any specific recommendations at either?

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          Some one mentioned that chocolee was on vacation until the 13th. Better check before going and being disappointed.

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            Chocolee's selection is limited to handmade chocolates (I like their truffles, chocolate-covered salt caramels, and turtles), and very fine chocolate croissants (though those might be a Saturday / Sunday thing only).

            Burdick's is justly renowned for its astonishing hot chocolate, so rich a demitasse is usually plenty for me. They have worthy pastries, too. For your purposes, look for various chocolate-accented cakes, chocolate croissants, orange-chocolate madeleines, and luxembourgers (those little hamburger-shaped meringue things) filled with chocolate buttercream.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              FWIW, I tried one of their chocolate croissants and it was decent, but overcooked (the regular croissants were even worse and were a dark brown)-: Not sure what to think if they'd sell stuff like that...I would have thrown them out if I made them at home :-P

        2. If you don't mind stopping off at Harvard Square, a jolt of L.A. Burdick's hot chocolate (with their pastries) would revive your blood sugar. Then you can also get some of their chocolate for a treat later.

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              It's only a 15 minute walk from the Red Cross to LA Burdick Boston (Clarendon St)