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Jul 9, 2013 10:12 AM

Caterer for At-Home 60th Bday Party

I'm having about 25 people at a friend's home for a 60th bday party. Looking for fun sandwiches (salmon blts,for example) and salads (curried chicken salad, anyone?) as well as hot/cold hors d'oeuvres.

Any suggestions? I don't want to do anything like Wegman's, nor can I afford a very high-end place. Party is several months away and would like to start making plans. I really value your opinion and need the help so thanks!

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  1. Where are you located? That will effect who people might recommend. Also do you have a budget in mind?

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      My wife is a personal chef & does lots of house parties. Two of her initial questions would be budget and location, as cwdonald asks......

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        See below. Is this even feasable?

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        I'm in Aston (Delco). As for budget, I'd like to stay under $1000.00

      3. How about Elegance bakery in Paoli and/or Wayne? They have excellent chicken salads and could probably do little sandwiches and such.

        1. How about The Avenue Delicatessen in Lansdowne? I haven't been there but the chef (Becca) used to work out of Green Aisle Grocery on E Passyunk and had been in restaurants prior. To save money, you might be able to get a caterer to do a drop off and then hire your own waitstaff. There are companies that do that (Helping Hands in South Phila) but another option is to ask your favorite waitstaff from a restaurant you frequent.

          1. Contact Ted Pace at Brandywine Caterers. Ted used to have a restaurant, Pace One, in Glen Mills. He only caters now. Talk to him about your budget ($40./person is not too bad).

            1. The original comment has been removed